UPDATED 7-12-21 @ 10:54 pm

We are so excited that you have decided to partner with us to make an Impact in the city of Baltimore. We have a deep love for the people of Baltimore City. The moment we first drove down Eastern Avenue, we felt a deep love… God’s love for this city. The diverse population scuttling in and out of stores, waiting for busses, collecting change, and trying to make something more of their lives. This… This got our heart.

While “things are bad out there,” our God is greater!!!  We have had a front row seat over the last 10 years to see people delivered from heroin addiction, step out of homelessness and into the workforce, many have come to Christ, many have been baptized, many have been filled with the Holy Spirit, and we believe that this is just the beginning. It is our deeply held conviction that we can begin to shift the statistics in the city of Baltimore. We believe that Baltimore can become the number one turnaround city in America. God is able!!!